How do you find and choose the best workplace for you?

It all starts with where you are now….

Are you in a job that doesn’t provide the sort of stimulation you need?

Do you feel stressed and worried from working in a place that doesn’t value you, or align with what you believe in?

Or have you ever woken up wondering how you ended up in a soul sucking work environment?

Do you crave the feelings of:

  • Competence
  • Accomplishment
  • A sense of pride and pleasure in your work
  • What it’s like to belong and feel like the people around you, get you!

Then you are looking for a job and workplace that can give you what you need.

Don’t let anyone tell you that ‘you won’t be able to find it.

I remember being told ‘you want too much’, ‘work is work, just suck it up’ and other unhelpful comments like these.

You owe it to yourself not to settle…

To thrive in the workplace you will have a unique (to you) blueprint of what makes you feel safe and happy at work. Some people need routine, others prefer variety. While you may crave a quiet space to think and get things done, others need people and conversation to really rock their work experience.

For me having a range of interesting and challenging projects to work on, and working with supportive and positive people is a must. It took me a long time to realise that this is not only possible, but I owe it to myself, my family, and the people I connect with, to be in a workplace where I’m happy.

Do you know what brings out the best in ‘YOU’ at work?

Or what ‘YOUR’ ideal job or workplace looks like?


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We’ve all met people who love their work, have great relationships with their boss and colleagues… and we have also met people who view theirs jobs as if they are stuck on a hamster wheel which they cannot get off.

These are the people who CAN’T WAIT to retire

What a crazy waste of a life!

Do you apply for jobs you really want, or just take whatever comes your way?

Self-Awareness Exercise:

Take 10 minutes to map out your ideal job on paper… keep adding to your map as you think and mentally play with the ideal job for you, and you will discover what you really want.

Write a list of:

  • Hours you want or need to work
  • Distance/time you are prepared to travel
  • Note whether you prefer:
    • routine or flexibility in your day
    • to work alone, in a team, or a combination of both
  • Write a list of what you ‘don’t want’
  • Describe what you ideal lifestyle looks like…

Keep going until you have a picture of the work-life and home-life that you want or need.

Then do a reality check – does the type of work you want to do, support the lifestyle you want or need?

For example, if you want to spend lots of time with your family or increase your recreation time, you don’t want to be working a 60 hour a week job.

Writing a list of the things you ‘really want’ will help you to start exploring jobs that fit you, instead of your work dictating how you live.

Adopt the Philosophy: ‘Discovering the work I love is a journey not a destination!’

Discovering your ideal job/workplace/lifestyle takes time and self discovery, however, the time spent doing so is definitely worth it!

Now that you have a starting point for what you do and don’t want in a workplace, you can take it to the next level with the FREE workbook How To Choose The Best Workplace For You!


Topics include:

  • Researching Prospective Employers
  • Start With The Big Picture
  • Networking
  • Job Advertisements
  • Job Descriptions
  • The ‘New’ Position
  • Reporting To More Than One Boss
  • Salary and Benefits
  • Development Opportunities
  • Taking Action
  • Comparing Job Offers And Opportunities

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