I’m here to help you to…

Enhance Your Skills, Advance Your Career, and Rock Your Job!

By providing content rich courses at affordable prices so you can take action,

at a time and pace, that suits you.

Would you like to know why I teach online?

Hi, I’m Linda Nevin

I’m a Learning and Development Consultant with over 20 years experience in staff training,

human resources, and recruitment. As an experienced trainer and facilitator, I have taught

a wide range of technical, personal and professional development courses.

Yet, I started my work-life as a high school dropout!

Leaving school at 15 years of age with only 2.5 years of high school education and no

qualifications, my career options were limited. I applied for any job going and there weren’t

too many options. I got a lucky break when our high school Career’s Advisor sent me for an

interview as a VDU operator.


I had no clue of what the job involved, but I needed a job and so I went to the interview.

It turned out to be a ‘data entry’ position with the chance of moving into computer operating.

Getting this job was my lucky break.

A really lucky break…

because this job had a future, and a pathway for a lifetime of learning.

After many years of soaking up every ‘on-the-job’ learning opportunity I could find,

in multiple different workplaces…  I discovered night school and adult education.

This love of learning led me to attending University and graduating as an adult student

with a BA in Business Psychology, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources

Management, in my mid to late 40’s.


I will always feel very fortunate to have attended University as an adult student; as this was

a dream come true for me. Something I had always believed was out of my reach, especially

after starting a family, it seemed totally out of reach.

Ongoing learning has opened many career doors for me.

This is why I’m sharing my story with you.


I truly believe, that if I can change my career opportunities through study then so can you,

regardless of your age or circumstances.


The introduction of online courses has made learning so much more accessible.

Regardless of where you live, you only need access to a computer and the internet

to gain the knowledge and skills that will improve your career prospects, and lifestyle.

You can’t change your past, however, it really is never too late to change your future.

Through the combination of studying and work experience in the fields of Human Resources,

Business Psychology, and Adult Education, I now help others to expand their knowledge,

skills and future possibilities.


My passion for learning and teaching led to me working for New Zealand’s leading University

of extramural study as the Manager of IT Training for staff, and post graduate students.


I know first-hand that upskilling and ongoing learning can significantly change your life for

the better, and I’m driven to creating courses that will assist you with your professional

development, and career success.

       “Anyone who stops learning is old,

              whether at twenty or eighty.

              Anyone who keeps learning

                        stays young.

                The greatest thing in life

              is to keep your mind young. “

                        ~ Henry Ford