10 must read blog posts for career success

Whether it is ‘how to’ or ‘what not to do’ advice, the following 10 blog posts provide insights and tips to boost your career success.


1. 33 Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Career

Written by Rebecca McFarland, Founder of PopYourCareer.com

If you want to improve your career and are looking for inspiration and a checklist of suggestions to work through, then this post will give you enough ideas to keep you going for a month, or more. If you love these 33 ideas, you can sign up for the free eBook where Bec shares 50 ideas to improve your career.

2.  Ten Toxic People You Should Avoid Like The Plague

Written by Dr. Travis Bradberry Coauthor of Emotional Intelligence 2.0

“You can’t hope to distance yourself from toxic people until you first know who they are.” ~ Dr Travis Bradberry

He breaks down the different types of ‘toxic drainers’ so you can spot them and avoid them, plus avoid becoming one of them yourself. You are bound to identify some of these personalities at work: like ‘The Gossip’, ‘The Temperamental’, ‘The Victim’, ‘The Self-Absorbed’, ‘The Envious’, etc…. oh and don’t miss learning about ‘The Dementor’!

3. Feeling Queasy About Negotiating That Job Offer? Here’s How to Get Over It in 8 Practical Steps!

Written by Diane Riemer, MBA Career Coach

Ever had a job offer and just accepted the package on offer without negotiating? Diane shares why you should always negotiate a job offer, and she tells you how to do so in 8 practical steps; such as changing your mindset towards negotiations, being prepared, and much more.

4. Harnessing Happiness to Build Your Career

Written by Frederique Dame, Product Executive

This post is a personal reflection of the author’s career steps and the resources she used to create a career she loves. Intuition, resilience, not getting hung up on job titles, or status, all contributed in some way to her career success.

“Today, I’m convinced that the primary reason to take a role is to work with a great manager and a great team.Together, they determine nearly all of your happiness on the job. This means letting go of your assumptions about title and money. Making this trade-off will pay off in surprising ways.” ~ Frederique Dame

5. 4 Ways to Network More Effectively

Written by Hannah Morgan, USNews.com

In this article Hannah shares tips on how to network effectively without leaving your work space. She acknowledges the time constraints that get in the way of most peoples best intentions to keep in touch with people they have worked with or connected with along the way. It is commonly believed that networking is important to your career and her post shares tips on using LinkedIn and Facebook to do so.

6.  The 9 Worst Mistakes You Can Make At Work

Written by Dr. Travis Bradberry Coauthor of Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Reading about the many ‘blunders’ you can make at work, this post reminds you what not to do. You may recognise some of your colleagues behaviours here, but hopefully not your own. This post identifies the minor through to much more serious issues; such as, ranging from eating smelly food, or letting it be known you hate your job, through to harming others.

7. Boost Your Career By Creating A Success Toolkit

Written by Brad Waters, posted on PsychologyToday.com

If you are getting ready for a change or preparing for your future, you’ll find a list of prompts for creating a career journal. Brad suggests creating a record of what your core values, skills and strengths, and a range of personal details, along with the rainmakers and resources in your networks. Ultimately you end up with a ready resource for job hunting. It can also be helpful to keep a ‘wins’ folder in your inbox. Save any ‘thank you’ emails and testimonials for later review, like when you are updating your CV. This is also a good resource to review on those days when nothing seems to go well; simply read a few emails from those who value your skills and it can be an instant pick-you-up!

8. 8 Ways Humor Can Boost Your Career And Make You More Successful

Written by Lynn Taylor, Psychology Today, posted on BusinessInsider.com

While we all love to have a laugh or a bit of fun at work, it certainly makes the day go faster and builds much stronger working relationships. Humor and levity in the workplace is also known to improve staff performance, encourage innovation and lead to greater productivity. In this blog post Lynn shares some tips on applying “intelligent humor” to your job.

9. How To Get A Raise Without Asking For One

Written by Dr. Travis Bradberry Coauthor of Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Also written by Dr Travis Bradberry, yep him again… if you are wondering why he appears three times in a list of 10 must read blog posts for career success… it is because he shares practical career advice that you can put to use immediately!

In this blog Travis suggests you can blow your boss’s mind in 7 easy steps.

“The people who achieve the most are those who add the most value. Business is, after all, about making a profit. You want your boss and the company to know that they’re getting a great return on the time and money they’re investing in you.” ~ Dr Travis Bradberry

 10. How To Work From Home Without Losing Your Mind (Or Your Job)

Written by a PureWow Contributor, HuffingtonPost.com

A lighthearted but ‘on-the-nail’ post that addresses many of the myths and unseen traps of working at home; such as, the importance of creating a dedicated work-space, being flexible without letting your job run into your personal time, and the importance of discipline, with what you eat, the hours you work, and taking breaks! A must read for those moving to working from home, before they start!

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